FBC Colbert Youth Ministry


The Hive is a Student Ministry set to know Jesus and to make Him known. We explore the bible together on Wednesday nights and Sunday Mornings. As we grow closer together and closer to God. We want to reach and serve the community of Colbert and make Christ Glorified as we come to know God more and become mature in our Faith.
WE are Disciples who make Disciples


Sunday school 9:45am
Sunday Night 6:00-7:00pm

MEal 5:30pm
Service 6:00-7:00pm

Our year at The Hive stays full and busy!!! from D-Nows to Christian Concerts we are active all throughout the summer with Mission Opportunities and Falls Creek.
We will also do local events at the lake or a bonfire at a members house. We may also take off to do a fun event nearby or at a fair distance
Our Wednesday nights will always be full of Jesus and afterwards students are welcomed and encouraged to hangout playing cards, basketball, or to get a game of volleyball in. 


Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Combs is our small groups!! these are also our Sunday School classes and split up in these ways other times. To generate connection amongst our peers and to go through life with one another. We meet to talk life and Jesus with each other but also to have competition in a variety of ways with other Combs in The Hive.